A New Beginning

Beginnings can happen any time in life. They are not reserved for babies or people who move. Beginnings are a freshness, a step out of the mundane. A trip to a place you have never been. In 2014 we took a trip to Ireland. My husband and I had never been out of the United States. We had barely taken any holidays or special trips. We have never had the money to do that. However, our daughter is very good at planning and saving. She helped us plan and pay for the trip. She helped us realize a dream and enjoyed the trip with us and adding to our memories.

We went to Ireland. The trip was a huge step of faith for me. I am a big chicken. We have beautiful memories and pictures. Our daughter made us a book of our travels. I just sat and looked at the book again. The photo brings tears to my eyes and my throat gets tight.

We are going again this summer. All the terror attacks and the people involved scare me and I am frightened to go again, but my faith will kick in and give me courage. My husband, backpack, and the Lord my only traveling companions. We won’t have our daughter this year with us. She is traveling to Peru on her own great adventure.

This second beginning is my husband and I going alone without our daughter for backup. We are not flying the same route, going to the same places or staying in the same cottage. We are stepping out there and doing something different. That is faith. The unseen, the unknown, but the ever present belief that God is out there leading and guiding the way.

Ireland is beautiful. A beautiful island made by God.

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