Ireland-Clonakilty-Astna Square

AULD SHITEIreland is so much fun! We love the villages and the Irish people. My husband and I were walking along Clonakilty-Astna Square. We were looking for stores with antiques or second-hand items. We came upon this sign. Yeah we were looking for some “auld shite”. We went down to the store. A bench in front of the shop was “auld”. One of those if you sit on it, have a camera ready.

As we got to the far back, the man’s dog came out from under some antiques and he said to the dog, “Ah, there’s my one true love!” (with an Irish accent) His wife, who appeared to be grumpy, was standing next to him. She did not laugh at his picking. We chuckled and meandered out of the shop. We too have had days where our dogs were the better companions. We all get grumpy.

There were many items in the second-hand shop, cabinets, windows, tables, and architectural items that were quite old. Some of the non-furniture items, we had as kids or as teenagers. Life is full of irony! As we left the street and looked back at the sign, we laughed because we were “auld shites” too!


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