Kindness Costs Nothing

Recently, I have taken on a part-time job where I provide a service for people. The first few times I worked the people were kind and pleasant, thankful for the job I did for them. But, then you meet that one person who makes you question why you are doing this. Everything you do is incorrect, the person talks down to you, just rude in general. A service is being provided, therefore the person providing it must be dumb. You even wonder and question why they called you, if they could have done it better.

I thought on the behavior and prayed for that person for two days. Then I let the Lord have a go at that person. I have not been called back again to repeat my performance. I am kind of thankful, because I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was gripping at me. At $8 an hour, I am not even sure it was worth it. I tried to do my best, but I was not provided the opportunity to be successful.

Why did they act that way? There is no answer for poor behavior. These are choices people make. You don’t or didn’t make the choice to have someone treat you like who you are doesn’t matter. That was their choice that they made.

The service industry is huge. Some people may not be as smart as you or some people may be smarter than you. But they are providing a service, something you don’t want to do. Be kind to that person. Circumstances, choice, or situations have placed them where they are. Appreciate what someone is doing for you. Kindness costs nothing.

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