The Flow

Imagined or real? I do not know…The place of inspiration and revelation. Some people call it “magic”. Others call the ability to write being in The Flow. The Flow is my stimulation from God…the place outside myself. Once in, I float through words like flotsam on the sea. I sit down at my computer, looking at the white page. Then the feeling comes over me, a word expands into a sentence, and so on. I can write a novel, a scene, or about anything. The realization of writing begins within me.

God’s inspiration takes me outside of myself. I feel multi-dimensional.  I sometimes don’t even remember what I wrote. I don’t care if someone likes it, hates it, or thinks I have no understanding of the English language. Those sentences are mine and no one created them but me. They are right for me, my imagination, my visualization, and my pleasure. Everyone will not love my writing. Just as in life, everyone cannot be pleased nor does everyone like me. There is always a doubter or hater. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein on a whim, stuck inside on a cold day, never realizing its potential to the arts. There is always someone who thinks writing without publishing is frivolous. A “successful writer” can write one book and doubt their ability to write another publishable piece.

Is writing a squandering of time, spent mixing an insignificant collection of words? Many writers let this question burden them. The question lingers in their mind like smoke in the air from many campfires. The time for writing is lost in worrisome contemplation, anxiety choking out creativity. Published paid writers have written books on the subway, the ferry, in the car, or at their lunch time. Some even get up early or stay up late to write, because they love it. All the while maintaining paid employment with a boss they barely tolerate.

The Flow helps me to forget about rude and obstinate school children, dirty dishes, dog messes, my regrettable past, and uncertain future. The anxiety of life is eaten up in the imagery of story. Trying to justify writing only bears uncertainty and fear. Apprehension leaves a hollow spot in my self-confidence, but the love of writing gives me wings and makes me fly. Every time I write a sentence, a page, or whatever, I feel the self-confidence barometer go up sending me into the clouds. I believe I’m a writer, I believe I can fly!

So what if the audience is me, my book never gets published or paid? I accomplished the feat of entertaining myself. I stayed sober. I’m not worrying about cancer coming back or the diabetes. I had time with God. Depression was lifted with my free therapy session. My love for writing is a gift to me or anyone with an open mind.

True success is not being on the New York Times bestseller list. Stardom matters not, nor does the audience. I don’t care if I get published and paid, although my bank account and my creditors would enjoy the payments I received. I write for me and the pure love of writing.

I am a real writer, because I have written a book, a poem, and a dissertation. I trust that I have talent, wit, and imagination. Money does not confirm my talent. Being appreciated or loved by others does not authenticate my ability to write. Every piece of writing I enjoy makes me efficacious and more inspired.

Writing is not a sacrifice, but my art. Art is existential. Quilts, paintings, drawings or other artistic mediums whether hidden or shown will be fashioned. The creation was done for the well-being of the person who began and finished the piece of art. All artists hope their piece touches someone else, makes a person better, or gives pleasure to others, but their desire to create will not be stopped by those who do not accept their gift. Dr. Seuss’ zany words and creatures were a gift to young readers and fostered people’s imagination.  Oh the Places You’ll Go! has inspired countless graduates on their new beginning into adulthood. Rejection may knock the wind from us for a moment, but once the breath comes back, a filling of the lungs stimulates inspiration arousing creativity and triumph! Just as Dr. Seuss confirmed with his tenacity to write, through adversarial encounters can come great achievement!

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