Faith, Hope, Charity

Faith is complete trust in someone or something. For me the something has always been God. Sometimes I have put my faith in things that provided me dissatisfaction. Mostly trusting in people who appear to be supportive when they are secretly self-centered word manipulators. God on the other hand is exactly trustworthy and he is not a liar. He can provide satisfaction. As long as I keep scripture in mind when I place my prayer of faith to the Lord my faith is rewarded in hope.

Hope is the desire for something to happen. Hope is the culmination of faith received. However, hope can be dashed. The reason I sometimes have my hope(s) crushed, is because I forget God is not human or shortsighted. God infinitely knows what is best for me. Just because I wanted a particular blessing to happen does not mean what I desired was the best option for me. God however is omnipotent and knows what is perfect for me now and in the future.

Charity for me is love. Love toward everyone. I don’t love everyone. I should, God tells me to love my neighbor, but I don’t. I try, but others behave in ways I cannot appreciate and I am imperfect. I get mad at myself for not loving everyone. Their religion, race, age, or whatever has nothing to do with why I don’t feel charity toward them. Their behavior toward me, others, or even toward their person makes me hold back the charity. Charity a work in progress for an INTJ personality.

Faith, hope, and charity all things I work on every day. I am not perfect, and everyone else around me is not perfect either. Sometimes this makes for a long day. I think the imperfect understanding of peoples’ actions, ideas, or words is what drives all the hate in the world. This creates a domino effect of killing hope and faith, but most of all separates us as people. I guess the thing I am going to do tomorrow is try several random acts of kindness, placing my faith and hope that God will give each of the people I seek out a glimmer of my charity. If someone hasn’t told you today they love you, well know God does.

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