Kindness Costs Nothing

Recently, I have taken on a part-time job where I provide a service for people. The first few times I worked the people were kind and pleasant, thankful for the job I did for them. But, then you meet that one person who makes you question why you are doing this. Everything you do is incorrect, the person talks down to you, just rude in general. A service is being provided, therefore the person providing it must be dumb. You even wonder and question why they called you, if they could have done it better.

I thought on the behavior and prayed for that person for two days. Then I let the Lord have a go at that person. I have not been called back again to repeat my performance. I am kind of thankful, because I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was gripping at me. At $8 an hour, I am not even sure it was worth it. I tried to do my best, but I was not provided the opportunity to be successful.

Why did they act that way? There is no answer for poor behavior. These are choices people make. You don’t or didn’t make the choice to have someone treat you like who you are doesn’t matter. That was their choice that they made.

The service industry is huge. Some people may not be as smart as you or some people may be smarter than you. But they are providing a service, something you don’t want to do. Be kind to that person. Circumstances, choice, or situations have placed them where they are. Appreciate what someone is doing for you. Kindness costs nothing.

Ireland-Clonakilty-Astna Square

AULD SHITEIreland is so much fun! We love the villages and the Irish people. My husband and I were walking along Clonakilty-Astna Square. We were looking for stores with antiques or second-hand items. We came upon this sign. Yeah we were looking for some “auld shite”. We went down to the store. A bench in front of the shop was “auld”. One of those if you sit on it, have a camera ready.

As we got to the far back, the man’s dog came out from under some antiques and he said to the dog, “Ah, there’s my one true love!” (with an Irish accent) His wife, who appeared to be grumpy, was standing next to him. She did not laugh at his picking. We chuckled and meandered out of the shop. We too have had days where our dogs were the better companions. We all get grumpy.

There were many items in the second-hand shop, cabinets, windows, tables, and architectural items that were quite old. Some of the non-furniture items, we had as kids or as teenagers. Life is full of irony! As we left the street and looked back at the sign, we laughed because we were “auld shites” too!


Returning to Ireland

Ireland at this time of the year remained true to form. In the north of Ireland the cottage snuggled between the mountains and ocean. The sheep across the road eating and bleating. Several days the weather turned blustery and the mist came over the mountains. The vent on the roof tapping noisily with the blast of the wind. Since the weather remained wet and cool the beach was lifeless except for James and I. We walked along the beach looking at the massive rocks coming up out of the sand. Then off to explore the caves. The tide totally left the bay and the kelp hung limply over the frames. The farmers in their boots harvested the kelp quickly.

Our next exploration we drove through the mountains on roads big enough for a cart and donkey. The grass growing up between the worn lanes. The wind blew gently today. As we explored further down the road we came to the end and the Atlantic Ocean. The waves splashed big against the rocks sending spray high into the air. The sheep and their tiny lambs nibbling the grass and bleating their sheep song. A memorial sat high on the cliff reminding us of lives lost on the rocky coast. A spiritual peace lay over the cliff and entwined with our spirits as we stood looking out at the Atlantic. Ireland a beautiful, stark and intimidating place.

A New Beginning

Beginnings can happen any time in life. They are not reserved for babies or people who move. Beginnings are a freshness, a step out of the mundane. A trip to a place you have never been. In 2014 we took a trip to Ireland. My husband and I had never been out of the United States. We had barely taken any holidays or special trips. We have never had the money to do that. However, our daughter is very good at planning and saving. She helped us plan and pay for the trip. She helped us realize a dream and enjoyed the trip with us and adding to our memories.

We went to Ireland. The trip was a huge step of faith for me. I am a big chicken. We have beautiful memories and pictures. Our daughter made us a book of our travels. I just sat and looked at the book again. The photo brings tears to my eyes and my throat gets tight.

We are going again this summer. All the terror attacks and the people involved scare me and I am frightened to go again, but my faith will kick in and give me courage. My husband, backpack, and the Lord my only traveling companions. We won’t have our daughter this year with us. She is traveling to Peru on her own great adventure.

This second beginning is my husband and I going alone without our daughter for backup. We are not flying the same route, going to the same places or staying in the same cottage. We are stepping out there and doing something different. That is faith. The unseen, the unknown, but the ever present belief that God is out there leading and guiding the way.

Ireland is beautiful. A beautiful island made by God.

Become a Blogger

I am a blogger! Tonight I went to a Christian writer’s workshop. One of the people asked what a blogger was. So, I came home and became a blogger. I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was resurrected after three days. Scripture also states that he was seen by over five hundred people over the course of forty days. I am so jealous of the people who witnessed the supernatural appearance of the risen Jesus Christ.

I started a blog to talk with other people. So, if you are reading the blog, chat back.

Simple Things

The moon was beautiful tonight. The stars are bright and there is wood smoke on the wind. As I sit on my porch I hear the murmur of the neighbors talking quietly and the soft playing of their music. My dogs are running around our small yard enjoying the freedom. Life is good in just enjoying the simple things.